Army National Guard Rolls Out Air Armour Decon Nationwide


Army National Guard Rolls Out Air Armour Decon Nationwide

The Army National Guard mobilized teams throughout the country to disinfect nursing homes and assisted living facilities in order to stop the spread of coronavirus and the COVID-19 disease it causes. To accomplish the mission, Guard troops were armed with Air Armour Decon Pro products, which are manufactured by Artemis Bio-Solutions.

The nationwide program began in April and is run by Col. John Till, safety officer for the Georgia Department of Defense. Till trained the first teams on protocols, products and best practices to disinfect the facilities, and then extended the training nationwide. Till ordered the teams to use Artemis Bio-Oxygen Chem Decon to disinfect all facilities.

“Our mission is to assist in disinfecting nursing homes,” said Col. Till to . “We are going to help decontaminate and disinfect rooms in which these citizens are quarantined to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.”

Since its launch in April, the program has spread to states across the country, including Alabama, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Connecticut and many others.

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